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Brief about MP Tech

MP Tech Co., Ltd was established with the desire to bring customers the best quality elevator products and services, in order to improve the quality of life and bring customers to a new level. Along with the knowledge and experience in creating elevator works for buildings, urban areas, villas...we are confident to provide our customers with the most optimal and safest mobility solutions, as well as professional maintenance services to help prolong the durability and use value of the building.
MP Tech Co., Ltd specializes in providing a full package of products: elevators, escalators, car lifts, parking lots, security control gates... and integrated ancillary products to serve the high-end customer segment. .



MP Tech Co., Ltd. operates on the principle of respecting and keeping the word "PRESTIGE", constantly researching and applying modern technologies, perfecting service quality to become a leading elevator solution provider. in Viet Nam. Customer satisfaction is our operating criterion.
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  • Diversify products and experiences to meet the needs of customers in the most optimal way.
  • The team of technicians is always trained and improved in science and technology, with the same sense of responsibility and customer satisfaction as the top priority.
  • Standardize construction and installation processes to ensure the highest safety and quality for the project. Comply with and improve processes according to ISO9001:2008

Organizational chart

Product brands of MP TECH

Kone - Finland

Aritco – Sweden

Zeit - GS E&C - Korea

Getis – Italy

Smart elevator technology

Real-time remote monitoring system

The system will be connected to the building management, the rescue team, the technicians' phones, and can even connect with users by sharing information from the building management through the soft.

  • The remote monitoring system will be connected to the elevator in real time
  • Elevator can be equipped with Remote Monitoring System as an option

Internet of Things Solution – Predictive Maintenance System (PMS) a cloud-based maintenance forecasting system

PMS is the smartest technology available today based on the cloud platform, now the intelligent system can predict the risk and do the necessary work before it happens. The solution means improved safety, complete transparency and

comfort, because we know in advance what might happen… The elevator control system is connected to the Internet with a cloud server, and the PMS will improve the reliability and safety of the elevators. . PMS will use data from cloud server, và compare the parameters of more than 100 elevator components with designed life. The data includes uptime, running distance and running time… When the life of the elevator part is critical, PMS will send a text message to the maintenance technician's phone.

Phone system support

At any time in an emergency situation, customers just need to press the alarm button and the call will be activated. This way, customers can get help in a timely manner.

Cabin design software

Customers now no longer have a hard time imagining which cabin interiors put together will suit their style, as there is software available to assist you in choosing interior design and elevator solutions. in accordance with the size, load... from the requirements on the software will build a 3D carbin model with detailed specifications and compatible CAD drawings for the initial preliminary plan. From there, the design is realized with 3D models, creating an elevator use experience that suits everyone's needs, and at the same time, leaves a bold personal mark of the owner. Our elevator solutions for modernization will add value to your building with a whole new user experience.

Help improve the appearance of a customer's elevator with 3D modeling, and create unique interiors tailored to the customer's construction needs.

The reasons why you should choose
our company

  • Professional sales service, strict quality control process from consultation, survey, design to installation, handover and put into use. Ensure all elevator systems are under the same quality control for every building.
  • 05 QC steps to ensure quality, these inspection steps help to detect errors and closely monitor the quality of the works during the construction and installation process, in order to bring customers the best products.
  • Smart elevator technology application: real-time remote monitoring system
  • Internet of Things Solution
  • Smart phone support system
  • The system supports setting up to 5 phone numbers
  • Cabin design software – enhancing customer experience