Tips to keep your home elevator like new

Careful maintenance of the elevator during use helps the elevator work well and limit many unexpected incidents. In order for the ladder to always be in like-new condition, users need to regularly pay attention to and care for and maintain the ladder regularly. Here are some sharing tips to help you in the process of using the home elevator.

Clean elevators

With a dusty ladder, it not only affects the operation of the ladder but also affects the health of the user. With most modern elevators, which have a closed structure, dust and garbage clinging to the slots will hinder the operation process and cause unsightly to the ladder. Therefore, users need to periodically clean the ladder to ensure that the ladder is always clean and cool.

To clean the elevator, you need to clean the cabin area, elevator chamber, parts of the wall of the handle, etc. You can integrate detergents to make the elevator cleaner and more fragrant. However, do not use bleaching agents that are too strong or rub too hard, causing parts such as meridians and stairs to be scratched, causing loss of aesthetics.

Changing some parts of the ladder based on the advice of the supplier

In addition to being used to move, elevators are also decorative objects to help your home have more accents. That is why some families often tend to decorate their ladder more prominently. Just adding a little accessories such as vases, false ceiling walls, floor colors, backlighting, .. is enough to make your ladder different. However, homeowners should not arbitrarily change or add anything without consulting the supplier. Because all the parts attached to the ladder need to be ensured the safety as well as the consistency of the ladder.

After receiving the supplier's advice, you can change many aesthetic elements or add new styles to the ladder. This can also be a way to make the home elevator always new, each time it is changed, it is put on a new style, both beautiful and trendy.

Regular maintenance and maintenance of elevators

Maintenance and maintenance of elevators is a necessary job that everyone when using the elevator also needs to do. Regular observation and maintenance of the ladder helps users to grasp the health status of the ladder and promptly correct possible errors. Thereby, minimizing the risks of uncertainties that may occur due to unnecessary failures.

Aritco – Elevator brand is always “new”

thang máy nhập khẩu

Known as the optimal solution for the family elevator. Aritco constantly innovating itself to meet the increasing demands of the market. Each family will have its own requirements for elevator solutions, from designs and parameters to installation and design cables, so it is very difficult to apply one type of ladder for all cases of consumers. use. Understanding that requirement, Aritco provides users with separate, specific and personalized solutions to every detail for each different user.

Aritco is a type of elevator that cannot fall, due to the use of screw elevator technology from Europe. Certified Aritco Screw Elevator European standard E81 – 41, one of the strict standards for user safety. With screw elevator technology, Aritco elevators can't fall in all cases, this factor ensures absolute safety for users, bringing all danger back to near rare.

Aritco provides you with a professional team that undergoes extensive training. They are the people to help you give advice on the optimal solution for home elevators, who will also help you maintain your elevator regularly, keeping your elevator "new" like the original.

In particular, in Aritco there is a control system Aritco SmartLift so you can easily change the color of the ladder and check the ladder's health regularly. This system acts as a smart friend that helps you connect to the ladder with only smart devices such as electricity. phone, ipad...

Currently, Thao Nguyen Son is the distributor of Aritco elevator brand in Vietnam. To own a modern elevator with many conveniences, always new, please contact TNS - Lift immediately to receive direct support.

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