Interior design trends for home elevators 2022

Based on the preference for elevator interior design in 2021, we can easily see the trends of customers in 2022.

The following article will introduce the elevator furniture models that are popular in recent times.

The rise of creative styles

For a long time, the demand for elevator aesthetics has become indispensable for customers when making a choice. It can be said that the elevator interior is a "stage" where designers can unleash their creativity, bringing a whole world of art to the ladder in the family.

The year 2021 marks the appearance of many innovative elevator designs. By the combination of eye-catching motifs, the harmony between components such as glass, led lights, .. The home elevator brings a sense of sublimation to the user. There are ladder models that are renovated like a familiar bookshelf, there are also ladder designs like a small garden or an old town.

Sophisticated and elegant style

Contrary to most of the ladder designs that are too sparkling and flowery of some works, the minimalist but sophisticated and luxurious home elevator models are becoming more and more popular. The designs from Europe do very well this request. The designs are just elegant enough but very elaborate and sophisticated ing. Every little detail makes users feel comfortable, not too stuffy when using.

Where to choose a beautiful elevator model?

thảm sàn thang máy

Aritco is known as a line of elevators with innovative and innovative design lines but equally elegant and sophisticated.

Aritco elevator line is imported from Sweden, strictly followed from quality to design. Currently, Aritco provides users with 9 ladder designs suitable for each type of wall and the characteristics of your building.

The designs from Aritco Elevator's DesignWall are unmatched in the market, these designs are based on award-winning design ideas from the past. Design competition in Sweden. Guarantee the uniqueness that you can own.

Ánh sáng thang máy

DesignWall is made of hard coated, scratch-resistant acrylic glass with a white background and color-changing LED lights to help you maximize your creativity for your home elevator. The customer is the one who has the initiative in choosing and making design requirements, ensuring satisfaction on the aesthetic level before installing the ladder.

It can be said that currently on the market, Aritco screw elevator is considered as one of the imported elevator models with the most beautiful and useful design. If you are wondering about imported elevator models, Aritco will be a top recommendation for you. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation about your favorite ladder.

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